Focus Fountain TP Series

Static Color, Static White, or RGB Color Changing LED Low Voltage Underwater Luminaire.

The Focus series delivers quality and performance at an affordable price. Utilizing the latest Epistar LEDS, the luminaires offer an exceptional efficacy with accurate color projection. Whether you need to replace your existing architectural lighting or install for new construction, Vivid Leds can help you deliver a perfect solution. There are many accessories available to complete the job from start to finish.

  • VVDLPLGM1: 9 LEDS - 16W - 3/4” Taper
  • VVDLPLGM2: 12 LEDS - 24W - 1/2” Taper


  • Epistar LEDS with RGB efficacy >35 Lm/W and white >80 Lm/W**
  • Solid state with high shock and vibration resistance
  • Dimming capability with optional DMX controller
  • Each red, green & blue LED has a 256 color depth
  • Precise optics with photometric lens built over each LED
  • Designed for water pipe taper or surface mount with screws
  • Includes mounting base with two screw positions
  • DMX IP Coder and controller required to operate color changing feature
  • Static color or white option only requires a transformer
  • High vertical illuminance for large space lighting
  • 316 stainless steel body with titanium/chrome surface treatment
  • Durable tempered glass cover with water resistant protection
  • Pure aluminum heatsinks improve thermal property
  • Corrosion resistant, durable, with high efficiency
  • Natural convection cooling method
  • Light lens is 30% brighter than ordinary lens
  • 10’ HO5RN-F 18 AWG cable attached through waterproof grommet
  • Contains no mercury or lead, no infrared or UV radiation
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 40 degrees celsius
  • IP68 rated for underwater applications
  • Low voltage: 12 VDC or 24 VDC, UL Listed transformers available
  • 100,000 hour LED life
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS
  • 1 year system warranty 


Vivid Brands Focus
Lead Time 30 Day Standard Ship
Product Type Fountain Lights
LED Wattage 11 to 20, 21 to 50
Led Lumens 1 to 999, 1000 to 1499
Driver Voltage 12 VDC, 24 VDC
LED Efficacy >30 Lm/W
Wattage Comparison to HID 75W HID (19W to 24W LED), 100W HID (25W to 36W LED)
Driver Dimming DMX
Housing Style Round
CRI 80
LED Optic Type V 10 Degree, Type V 20 Degree, Type V 25 Degree, Type V 30 Degree
IP Rating Protection Underwater IP68 over 3' Submersion
Mounting Type NPT
Housing Finish Gray
Housing Lens Cover Glass, Clear
Housing Materials Heavy Die Cast
LED CCT White 2300K to 3200K, White 3300K to 4250K, White 4300K to 5200K, White 5300K to 6200K, White 6300K to 7000K, Red 625nm, Green 525nm, Blue 460nm, Amber 590nm, RGB, RGBW
Surge Protection No
Warranty 1 Year
USA Made No
Energy Certifications CE, RoHS
Driver Brand OEM
Driver Life Span 100,000 Hours
Eco-friendly YES
LED Lifespan 100,000 Hours
Operating Temperature -20 to 40 degrees celsius
Power Factor 0.95

Existing Lighting

Fixture Wattage watts
Number of Fixtures  
Operating Hours Per Day
Operating Days Per Month
Current kWh Cost Per Dollars
HVAC Loads @
Total Watts 00 Per day
Divided by 00 1000(kWh)
Total kWh 00 Per Month
Operate Fixtures Cost 00 Per Month
Cost to Operate Fixtures
00 Per Month
Per Fixture Maintenance
Ballast Per Month
00 Per Month
Maintenance 00 Per Month
Total Annual CO2
Emissions (Metric Tons)
Total Annual CO2
Emissions (Metric Tons)
Total Annual Cost To Operate : $ 00

New LED Lighting

LED Fixture Wattage watts
Number of LED  
Operating Hours Per Day
Operating Days Per Month
Current kWh Cost Per Dollars
Total Watts 00 Per Month
Divided by 00 1000(kWh)
Total kWh 00 Per Month
Operate Fixtures Cost 00 Per Month
Total Annual Cost To Operate : $ 00

Total LED Savings Monthly $0.00

Total LED Savings Annually $0.00

Total LED Savings over 10 Years $0.00

Enter Individual LED Fixture Cost

Total Cost For LED Retrofit $20.00

Total LED Savings Percentage $95.83%

Total CO2 Emissions Reduction$95.20%

Months To Reach Return On Investment$95.20%

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