Maize Vertical Series

The Maize series is an exceptional product with a track record of 8 years in the field. We use the latest technology and continue to raise the bar in terms of housing quality, lamp efficacy, and overall extended lifespan. Using only top quality components such as Rubycon capacitors, flame retardant materials, a water resistant cover, and LG LEDS, the Maize series is a market leader for commercial applications.

  • VVDHK1060: 176 LEDS - 60W Downlight 8100 Lm / 5.5W Uplight 745 Lm
  • VVDHK1080: 224 LEDS - 80W Downlight 10800 Lm / 6W Uplight 770 Lm
  • VVDHK1015: 330 LEDS - 115W Downlight 15525 Lm / 8W Uplight 1080 Lm


  • Samsung 2835 SMD LED with high efficacy >130 Lm/W
  • National listing lab tested with IES standards
  • Excellent solution for retrofitting up to 400W HID lamps 
  • Provides uplight and downlight to eliminate dark ceilings and walls
  • Optional sensors and dimming capability
  • 120 degree Type V distribution
  • Applications include low bays, high bays, and canopy fixtures
  • Safety cable with carabiner included
  • Internal isolated driver for quick and easy installation 
  • Aviation grade 6063 aluminum heatsink dissipates heat without a fan
  • Bypass the ballast and use the Internal driver 
  • Fast turn on, no warm up or cold start problems
  • Integrative LED design for heatsink and housing
  • Suitable for totally enclosed fixtures
  • Polycarbonate lens cover provides IP40 protection 
  • Crystal clear lens for maximum lumen output
  • Diffused lens reduces glare and enhances appearance
  • Rubycon capacitance power for best protection
  • Integrated 4KV surge protection
  • Contains no mercury or lead and cool to the touch
  • No infrared or UV radiation 
  • Generates low heat, reducing your HVAC loads
  • 94VO flame retardant housing material 
  • High CRI - RA>80 enhances original colors
  • Power factor: >.90
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 60 degrees celsius
  • 100,000 hour LED life
  • Certifications: CE, PSE, TUV, RoHS, FCC, cUL, UL , DLC
  • 1 year system warranty


Vivid Brands Maize
Lead Time 30 Day Standard Ship
LED Wattage 51 to 100, 101 to 150
Led Lumens 8000 to 8999, 9000 to 9999, 10000 to 10999, 11000 to 11999, 12000 to 12999, 13000 to 13999, 14000 to 14999, 15000 and up
Driver Voltage 110 to 120 VAC, 208 VAC, 240 VAC, 277 VAC
Wattage Comparison to HID 320W HID (80W to 89W LED), 360W HID (90W to 99W LED), 400W HID (100W to 179W LED)
Driver Dimming 0-10V, PWM, Resistance
CRI 80
LED Optic Type V 180 Degree
IP Rating Protection Indoor IP20 Ordinary
Base Type E26 Medium, E39 Mogul, EX39 Mogul
Housing Finish White
Housing Lens Cover Polycarbonate, Clear, Diffused
Housing Materials Polycarbonate
LED CCT White 3250K, White 4250K, White 5250K, White 6250K
Surge Protection No
Warranty 1 Year
USA Made No
Energy Certifications DLC, CE, RoHS, UL, cUL, TUV, FCC
Driver Brand OEM
Driver Life Span 100,000 Hours
Eco-friendly No
LED Lifespan 100,000 Hours
Operating Temperature -40 to 60 degrees celsius
Power Factor 0.90


Existing Lighting

Fixture Wattage watts
Number of Fixtures  
Operating Hours Per Day
Operating Days Per Month
Current kWh Cost Per Dollars
HVAC Loads @
Total Watts 00 Per day
Divided by 00 1000(kWh)
Total kWh 00 Per Month
Operate Fixtures Cost 00 Per Month
Cost to Operate Fixtures
00 Per Month
Per Fixture Maintenance
Ballast Per Month
00 Per Month
Maintenance 00 Per Month
Total Annual CO2
Emissions (Metric Tons)
Total Annual CO2
Emissions (Metric Tons)
Total Annual Cost To Operate : $ 00

New LED Lighting

LED Fixture Wattage watts
Number of LED  
Operating Hours Per Day
Operating Days Per Month
Current kWh Cost Per Dollars
Total Watts 00 Per Month
Divided by 00 1000(kWh)
Total kWh 00 Per Month
Operate Fixtures Cost 00 Per Month
Total Annual Cost To Operate : $ 00

Total LED Savings Monthly $0.00

Total LED Savings Annually $0.00

Total LED Savings over 10 Years $0.00

Enter Individual LED Fixture Cost

Total Cost For LED Retrofit $20.00

Total LED Savings Percentage $95.83%

Total CO2 Emissions Reduction$95.20%

Months To Reach Return On Investment$95.20%

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