Array Grow Series

LED COB Luminaire with Advanced Technology and Spectrum Photosynthesis Targeting.

Introducing our new energy saving performance LED Chip On Board (COB) technology. Our LED chips are bonded directly to a thick copper substrate for ultra high thermal connectivity. This thermal management allows it to run at cooler temperatures than an aluminum based COB. This design offers outstanding performance with reduced lumen degradation and increased lifespan.

  • VVDGL33FR: 120W - 3’ COB LED Grow Light - Recommended Growing Area = 4’ Long x 3’ Wide
  • VVDGL73FR: 240W - 3’ COB LED Grow Light - Recommended Growing Area = 6’ Long x 4’ Wide


  • Samsung COB LEDS with high efficacy >125 Lm/W
  • USA assembled product with quick warranty support
  • Patented heat dissipation design for optimum efficiency
  • Cool operating temperatures for easier ambient air temperature control
  • High lumen maintenance exceeds DOE requirements
  • Photometric optic built over each LED for enhanced light distribution
  • Solid State with high-shock and vibration resistance
  • Save Up to 90% in energy costs compared HID Lamps
  • LEDS prevent plant damage caused by HID lamp burning
  • Reflectors are not needed, as LEDS are directional, resulting in no wasted light
  • Aluminum LED boards with copper tracings for best thermal management
  • LED array manufactured using a state-of-the-art SMT machine
  • Designed for optimum plant growth with higher yields
  • Create the most effective growing environment for your plants
  • Aluminum housing with a lightweight design for install or re-location
  • LED chips are potted with high temperature silicone epoxy
  • Easy V-hangers included for quick suspension mounting
  • Rust resistant stainless steel hardware with durable nickel-plating
  • Luminaire photosynthesis color spectrum - Red 77.1%, Blue 22.6%, Green 0.3%
  • Nonometer ranges - Red 600-699, Blue 400-499, Green 500-599
  • 0-10V dimmable driver included
  • 10 foot 120V cord set included for easy connection and mobility
  • Fast turn on with no warm up or cold start issues
  • Constant current power supply with no fans, resulting in zero noise from the unit
  • Contains no mercury, lead, infrared or UV radiation and cool to the touch
  • Operating temperature: -30 to 50 degrees celsius
  • Samsung TZ chip platform with completed 6,000 hour LM-80 test
  • 147,000 hour LED life @ L70 tested at 105 degrees celsius
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, CSA - IP67 for wet locations
  • 5 year system warranty


Vivid Brands Array
Lead Time In Stock Quick Ship
Product Type Grow Lights
LED Wattage 101 to 150, 201 to 250
Led Lumens 10000 to 19999, 20000 to 29999, 30000 to 39999
Driver Voltage 110 to 120 VAC, 208 VAC, 240 VAC, 277 VAC
LED Efficacy >120 Lm/W
Wattage Comparison to HID 400W HID (100W to 179W LED), 750W HID (180W to 249W LED)
Driver Dimming 0-10V
Housing Style Linear ,Rectangular
CRI 85
LED Optic Type V 115 Degree, Type V 120 Degree, Type V Medium
IP Rating Protection Indoor IP44 Splash Proof
Mounting Type Ceiling Suspended
Housing Finish Gray
Housing Lens Cover Polycarbonate
Housing Materials Aluminum
LED CCT White 5300K to 6200K, Red 625nm, Green 525nm, Blue 460nm
Surge Protection No
Warranty 5 Years
Energy Certifications DLC, CE, RoHS, CSA
Driver Brand OEM
Driver Life Span 100,000 Hours
Eco-friendly YES
LED Brand Samsung
LED Lifespan 150,000 Hours
Operating Temperature -40 to 50 degrees celsius
Power Factor 0.95

Case Studies

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Existing Lighting

Fixture Wattage watts
Number of Fixtures  
Operating Hours Per Day
Operating Days Per Month
Current kWh Cost Per Dollars
HVAC Loads @
Total Watts 00 Per day
Divided by 00 1000(kWh)
Total kWh 00 Per Month
Operate Fixtures Cost 00 Per Month
Cost to Operate Fixtures
00 Per Month
Per Fixture Maintenance
Ballast Per Month
00 Per Month
Maintenance 00 Per Month
Total Annual CO2
Emissions (Metric Tons)
Total Annual CO2
Emissions (Metric Tons)
Total Annual Cost To Operate : $ 00

New LED Lighting

LED Fixture Wattage watts
Number of LED  
Operating Hours Per Day
Operating Days Per Month
Current kWh Cost Per Dollars
Total Watts 00 Per Month
Divided by 00 1000(kWh)
Total kWh 00 Per Month
Operate Fixtures Cost 00 Per Month
Total Annual Cost To Operate : $ 00

Total LED Savings Monthly $0.00

Total LED Savings Annually $0.00

Total LED Savings over 10 Years $0.00

Enter Individual LED Fixture Cost

Total Cost For LED Retrofit $20.00

Total LED Savings Percentage $95.83%

Total CO2 Emissions Reduction$95.20%

Months To Reach Return On Investment$95.20%

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